The Soul of New Bruns, Can Be Found Around The Corner

When I got this assignment to answer the question, “What’s the soul of New Brunswick?” I didn’t know what I would do. People were doing fundraisers and different landmarks around campus, but I’ve always seen the soul of a city in it’s downtown area. George Street has both the aspect of a city and a college town. The people you see, and the places up and down the street can only be found here. To me, George Street is the perfect example of the soul of New Brunswick because its not just Rutgers that makes up this town…’s the diversity of what it offers, that makes it the soul (to me atleast :)).


I interviewed 4 people, Jeanette and Rachell Mejia, and Alfred Aeyung and Jeremy Sam. The Mejias go out on George Street during the week and the weekend, and Jeremy and Alfie are roommates in Rockoff Hall (which is only a 2 min. walk from George St.). The pictures of the people I interviewed, to me, did not seem as important as the street they were talking about so I used environmental shots.




King of Kegs’ Getting The Royal Treatment…

…and he can thank his “loyal subjects” for that. Joe’s Liquors, found on the corner of Central Ave. and Louis St., is one business that seems to be flourishing in New Brunswick during this hard financial time.

When visiting the King of Kegs, I spoke to Antonini (one of the family members who owns the store)  and Joey (full-time student and a Joe’s employee) about how the recession has effected the Chadid family’s kingdom.

Antonini put it perfectly, “You’re happy, you’re going to drink. You’re sad, you’re going to drink. No matter what, people will have a need for us.” With that statement and the constant flow of college students making business better, I’m sure the King of Kegs is toasting a glass right now.


At last minute i had to change my slideshow idea due to some technical difficulties but I enjoy what my final project came out to be.

Saturday was the last home game for Rutgers students this football season. Like many other seniors, this was my roommates last ever student game. Not only is she graduating but she also will never be able to claim a free student ticket here again. As sentimental as I am, I cried before we left for the stadium. This slideshow shows the thoughts and feeling of what Aly Goldman felt at her last game, and how this sad inevitable day effected our other roommate Nicole.


My natural sounds were inappropriate due to the fact every other word in it are curse words and profanities. Even though I didn’t put my nat-sounds i think the voice quality FINALLY came out right.





I took these pictures over the weekend for class. I’m still kind of iffy on the way to shoot an environmental portrait and detail. IT WAS CONFUSING, but i tried.


I took the environmental shot literally and went to the Princeton Waterfront. The detail shot is my best friends’ dog Penny sitting on my remote. The golden monster is my boyfriends dog and my favorite subject to shoot. I chose him to be my subject for my second attempt at an environmental portrait.

Penny loves the remote.

princeton waterfront.

Moose waiting as we pull up the driveway.

The Moose Face

Maximus aka "MaxiMOOSE"

Designer Drug Jewelry

Susan Braig is a 61-year-old cancer survivor who jokes about the fact that she “sells drugs” to pay her medical bills. After filling her first prescription at the pharmacy, Braig discovered how medical insurance is a luxury. Since her insurance wouldn’t cover her prescription bills, Susan Braig decided she’d use her new surplus of pills to her advantage. She’s not selling drugs in the alleys of some city street, but she started her own jewelry line where she glues pills to earrings, necklaces, and tiaras. Although technically she jokes about being a “designer drug dealer,” Braig finds the light in what was a dark medical situation.

I think this story shows really good editing. The story flows very well together and there was no break in the story. I thought Susan Braig’s story was interesting and the portions of the video where it showed her gluing pills to earrings made the story more genuine. The natural sounds of her popping all the different pill bottles and opening cabinets added personality to the information the viewer was getting. I think this is definitely done right.

The Good, The Bad, and the Alternate Side Parking Ticket

I was sitting at the bus stop by the Livingston Student Center on Thursday. A girl sat down next to me while she was talking to her mom on the phone about how she woke up to her 4th parking ticket this semester. I interviewed Rutgers junior, Nicole Lesko about what it’s like to drive around New Brunswick. The good, the bad, and every other kind of parking spot you find in New Brunswick.

I had some trouble uploading mine so it came out scratchy. 😦

Mock Trial’s Biggest Endorser

Since high school, Rachel Holt has been very passionate about mock trial. Now a junior at Rutgers University, Rachel has made the “A” Team and started a whole new chapter in her criminal justice career. Constantly busy with everything the club entails, Rachel encourages people to come see if this mock trial is something they would be interested in, or atleast give her a new person to argue with.

World is GooGoo For Gaga

When you look at all the powerful women in the public eye today, the title of “most inspiring woman” could go to a number of prospects. You have to look at how this woman is influencing the culture around her, what she is representing, and most importantly what message she is putting out into the media universe. With all the women making names for themselves in business and media, Lady Gaga has broken the mold on what it means to be “inspiring.”

It is hard to look away when the camera turns her way at an award show, people simply cannot deny the fact that she is giving them something to talk about. While her avant-garde outfits never fail to turn heads and magazine pages, Lady Gaga uses her fame and her voice to put current issues out into the forefront of what people should be paying attention to. You are lying to yourself if you think you don’t hear what she is talking about in her all meat ball gowns or when she is being escorted into an award show inside of an eggshell. She demands attention and has yet to fail at achieving it.

Fame and fortune may qualify some women as being an inspiration, but Gaga uses the attention she receives to take the spotlight shining on herself and to shift it over to something that wouldn’t be getting it otherwise. Her desire for marriage equality has taken as far as to a equal rights rally in front of the White House. Gaga addressed Obama in her speech, vocalizing the opinions of the millions of individuals there that day. She has stood up for gender equality, blurring the lines of gender by dressing up as a man and showing the public that gender and sexuality are only labels…not stigmas. She wants everyone’s voices to be heard, and if it has to be through her then she is willing to accept that challenge.

To me, in order to be inspiring you must be “breaking the mold” of what other people are doing and saying. While most people think Lady Gaga is crazy, she is doing something that no one has done before. Those who call her crazy are crazy themselves, crazy not to take into account that they are witnessing a female take the world into her hands and making them listen, whether they like it or not. THAT is INSPIRING.

My First Blog Post

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